Whyte's Fish Crumbles

Great for sprinkling on salads, flavoring soups, or making Sandy Whyte’s award-winning Smoked Fish Spreads. Delicious and healthy. No added preservatives.

Available in 2 mouth-watering varieties (Whitefish & Salmon), Whyte’s Smoked Fish Crumbles are perfect for:

Spreads – Sandy Whyte spent 40 years perfecting 2 unique spread recipes that are yours free when you purchase a 5.33 ounce package of Whyte’s Smoked Fish Crumbles.

Salads – Adds unparalleled flavor, healthy fats, and pure protein to all your favorite salads. As one of our happy customers once said, “Things that taste this good aren’t supposed to be this healthy!”

Soups – Whyte’s Smoked Fish Crumbles take your favorite soup, chowder, and gumbo recipes to a whole new level. You won’t believe the difference in flavor these hickory-smoked crumbles make!

Your Favorite Recipes – Our customers constantly come up with new and exciting ways to use our crumbles! From dips and smoked fish patties to sandwich spreads and Bloody Mary’s. We’d love to hear how Whyte’s Smoked Fish Crumbles add flavor to the foods you love!