Question: How does the fish get shipped? 

Answer: We ship our fish Frozen through UPS. We use a SeaPak foam box. We pack it with Dry Ice and customized re-usable gel packs. Most common shipments are two days, cheaper but still very effective. We offer Express shipping for quicker shipments and greater success during the summer months, it costs more but it is worth while to guarantee the product arrives in pristine condition. 

 Question: When will my order be shipped?

Answer:  Orders will be shipped Monday & Tuesday every week. Any order taken after 3 pm Tuesday will be shipped the following Monday. (Unless Express shipping is selected) This is to ensure packages aren’t stuck inside a warehouse somewhere over the weekend.

Question: What happens if the carrier loses my package or it arrives late?

Answer: Due to Covid UPS will not guarantee your package arriving in the time they quoted you when you placed your order, this was effective March 2020 and is still in effect. When watching your tracking number that is provided by Whyte's Fishery please contact UPS on the status of your delivery if it is showing later than expected. Once it leaves Whyte's Fishery we have no control of the delivery.  

 Question:  I didn’t realize my package was on my porch and it sat for a few hours. The contents of my package have just started to thaw out some, is it still safe to eat? What do I do? 

Answer:  We recommend getting to your package as promptly as possible being that each shipment is sent frozen and is time-sensitive. However we realize things happen in life, and if your package has started to thaw it will be fine to eat. You can put into freezer to keep for later or complete the thawing process in the refrigerator for consumption. Fresh/Frozen fish must be properly cooked and reach an internal temperature of at least 145*F to ensure harmful bacteria are killed. Smoked fish is brined and smoked and ready to eat upon thawing. Smoked fish is good for 14 days under refrigerated conditions. 

Question:  What is your policy on refunds or returns?

Answer: If your order is damaged please contact us within 24 hours of delivery so we may rectify the problem and either refund the purchase order amount, or schedule a new shipment of your damaged order. 

Question: Why is minimum order necessary?

Answer: Minimum orders are necessary because of high cost of shipping materials and Covid.

Question: What is UPS Ground?

Answer: UPS Ground is a 3 day ship. We Highly Recommend 2nd Day Air when we are in the summer months (because of hot weather).

Question: What can we do to get the shipping charges lower?

Answer: When placing your order that ships Overnight or 2nd Day Air, check with your family or friends and see if they would like to order something and split the shipping charges. We are always working with UPS to try and lower the shipping charges.