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Whyte's Fishery & Smokehouse

Variety Pack- Dog Treats

Variety Pack- Dog Treats

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NO ADDITIVES: Our walleye chews, bark, and smelt trainers are 100% natural. We add no fillers, additives, colour or preservatives.

LOADED WITH HEALTHY NUTRIENTS: An excellent source of Omega 3 fatty acids, protein and calcium.  These natural dog treats are high in DHA and help promote your dog's brain function and maintain the health of their skin, coat, and immune system.

PREMIUM NUTRITION: Our dog snacks are high in protein.

DELICIOUS FLAVOUR AND SMELL: Our dried fish treats are tasty and have an extremely fragrant smell that will delight your furry friends. They can be served on their own or mixed into their food to add a unique flavour and texture that they will enjoy.

MADE IN CANADA: Taylor Fish Company was founded in 2003, is proudly 100% Canadian owned, and is invested in using all parts of the fish.  We aim to use 100% of the fish.

HIGH-QUALITY: Our treats are as pure and delicious as you can get. Our product is 100% human grade. Hand made in our own CFIA approved facility

Dehydrated dog treats will last for 3 months at room temperature when properly stored in an airtight container. You can extend their shelf life by freezing them for an additional 3 months.

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